An Excellent Choice

Tamko Roofing

Tamko has some of the most amazing shingle colors on the market. They have been in business for 75 years. They are manufactured in America. They design their shingles to emulate the colors and textures found in nature. We know you'll love your Tamko shingles. 

TAMKO Building Products LLC (logo) 2-inch color reverse
Vibrant Colors

Distintive Granular Patterns

TAMKO's distinctive granule mix and unique color drops deepen color and intensify the texture and tonality of your roof. TAMKO has some of the most vibrant colors available in laminated asphalt shingles and some of the most recognizable color blends. Achieved through TAMKO’s proprietary granule mixes and technologically-advanced color drop process, TAMKO further differentiates its shingles with a unique shadowtone line that creates a more natural-looking roof.



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We Feature Tamko's Full Iventory of Shingle Lines. From Titan XT, Stormfighter, and Heritage We Have a Huge Selection of beautiful shingles in a wide variety of colors, price points, and features.