What Happens During Commercial Roof Maintenance?

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Is your commercial roof an afterthought or a top priority? The most successful companies view their properties’ roofs as critical assets that require regular care to guarantee their ROI. Thanks to commercial roof maintenance, this is easily achievable. But what exactly should it include?

What Happens During Commercial Roof Maintenance?

We consulted with our roofing experts at All About Roofs on some of the things they do during commercial roof maintenance:

  1. Clearing Roof Debris. Over time, leaves, branches, dirt, and other debris can accumulate on a commercial roof. If left unchecked, this debris can lead to restricted drainage, ponding water, and unnecessary strain on the roofing system. A debris-free roof avoids these hazardous conditions, so clearing it is one of the first tasks roofing experts perform during commercial roof maintenance.
  2. Inspecting the Roof for Damage. Roof inspections are another critical aspect of commercial roof maintenance. They are performed by licensed technicians who meticulously examine the entire roof surface and features for any signs of damage, deterioration, deficiencies, or needed repairs. Aside from during maintenance, most industry experts recommend that roof inspections be done at least annually.
  3. Repairing Any Damage That’s Discovered. If the technicians identify any roof damage, they must promptly address it to halt further deterioration. Some of the most common commercial roof repairs include patching punctures, sealing separated seams, replacing individual membrane panels, or fixing flashings. Done early, these repairs will prevent minor issues from becoming expensive emergency fixes later.
  4. Restoring Protective Seals and Coatings. Protective seals and coatings provide vital waterproofing and UV protection to roofs. Unfortunately, weathering degrades them over the years. Renewing deficient areas maintains the roof’s integrity and water tightness, thus improving its longevity.

There’s much more that takes place during commercial roof maintenance, but these essential tasks are central to what we do at our roofing company. If you have a commercial property in the area whose roof needs some TLC, don’t hesitate to talk to us today.