Four Common Commercial Roofing Problems

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A business’ infrastructure wouldn’t be complete without a sturdy, reliable roof. As one of the most important structural assets of your building, it’s important to not neglect urgent signs of damage when your roof is in need of repair or replacement.

Four Common Commercial Roofing Problems

Here are four problems that are common with commercial roofs:

  1. Damaged flashing: It can be easy to forget one of the most necessary yet susceptible parts of your commercial roofing: the flashing. Flashing shields the seams and stops water from entering the most vulnerable areas of your roof. If your flashing is in disrepair, it can cause leaks and even allow shingles to fall off.
  2. Blow-off: If your roof has not been properly installed or has fallen into disrepair, it can be susceptible to damage during strong winds. This can cause materials to be lifted and carried off the roof, leaving areas underneath that become prone to leaking and rot.
  3. Pooling water: Commercial roofing can be a little more complex than residential roofing, especially for roofs that are flat or have little slope. These types of roofs require a drainage system that ensures water is being redirected away from your building. If you’re noticing standing water on your roof, this can indicate your roof isn’t draining properly.
  4. Punctures: This occurs when sharp or heavy branches, debris, or even people walking cause commercial roofing to dent, buckle, or develop holes.

If you suspect you’re in need of commercial roofing repair or replacement, contact us at All About Roofs to diagnose and fix the problem!