Your Roof and Curb Appeal – How They Work Together

Investing in Your Roof is a Smart Investment in Your Home! Whether you’re thinking of selling or just trying to “Keep Up with the Jones'” 40-50% of your Home’s Visible Exterior is Your Roof! The choice of shingle style, shingle condition, and signs of age or staining dramatically affect your home’s overall appearance.

Looking from the Top Down

The vast majority of people look at a home from the top of your roofline to the ground. The first impression comes from your roof! A dirty or broken roof gives a bad first impression and lessens the overall impact of your home, no matter how awesome the rest of it is. No matter how great your landscaping.

Giving a Buyer Peace of Mind

When people are buying a home, especially if they are first time home buyers or elderly buyers, they want to know that they are buying a worry-free home. When you’re selling your home, little things add up quickly.  The age of the roof is a major factor in the buyer decision-making process. If the buyer is considering to nearly identical homes at the same relative price point – a new roof can seal the deal!

Going Above Market – Thanks to Your New Roof

When you have a new roof on your home, you can raise your asking price above other comps. How many times have we looked on Zillow and the first thing you see is something like BRAND NEW DURATION TrueDefinition Roof with 50 Year Warranty, transferable! Realtors know where it is at when marketing a property and a new roof is certainly a major selling point! Tamko also makes some goregous shingles with great coloring and technology. 

Making Choices

Curb Appeal is compromised by many factors. When it comes to your Roof the first thing is obvious… Color Choice! The shingle color you choose affects your home’s overall color scheme.  If your siding is a fixed color like Aluminum or Vinyl – you’ll want to pick a color that compliments your existing siding. You can always change your shutter color, trim or front door color to compliment your choice.

Consider Metal Roofing – A World of Possibilities

Metal Roofing is becoming an increasingly popular option across the country. Metal Roofing comes in a variety of textures and colors. Not only can Metal Roofing save you energy but it also has a much longer lifespan, higher wind resistance, and higher durability than traditional Asphalt Shingles.

Think Beyond Black and Gray

We offer a wide selection of colors in both Owens Corning Duration Shingles and Metal Roofing.  Most people have a knee-jerk reaction to choose the traditional black or gray shingles but we believe to truly stand out you should consider your color options! Especially if you have a brick or painted siding option! This gives you a chance to truly create a unique look that will completely refresh your home! There is something to be said about being the envy of the neighborhood!

Our Design Team is always available to help you create a stunning look no matter what you’re working with.