A Tree Has Fallen on Your House Yes We Get These Calls

Get That Tree Out of Your Kitchen and Get Your House Back FAST

fallen tree house damage 2

There is nothing more scary than a tree crashing into your house. Your safe and secure place suddenly doesn't feel so safe anymore and certainly not secure. We are sure your emotions are running very high, and you will be shocked.


You should assess the damage, secure any precious belongings and your family, and call your insurance agent.

What to Do Right Away

  • Gather Your Family, Pets, Mobile Phone and Leave the House
  • Call 911 to enusre authorities are aware of the risk
  • Call All About Roofs 24/7 so we can secure your property
  • Call your insurance agent and tell them a tree fell on the house
  • Find a safe place for you and your family to stay
  • All About Roofs will work with your insurance on quickly repairing your home and settling the claim


We work hard to make you feel like the situation is handled and under control. We've done this before. With your safety in mind we are committed to getting your roof repaired. If necessary we have other people we can work with to repair things other than your roof.