roof gable

There is Nothing in Your Home More Important than Your Roof

Have you ever wondered what the most important part of your house is?

You probably think it is the kitchen or the bathroom. Maybe the bedroom. The correct answer is the ROOF!

Without a solid roof over your head your house will eventually be nothing but a pile of rubble. That’s why taking care of your roof and making sure you choose the best roofing company to not only install but regularly inspect your roof is extremely important.

Not Convinced? Keep Reading to learn why a good roof is the foundation to a solid and safe home.

The Roof is the Structure of Your Home

The roof ties your home together. It provides structure and locks everything together. Many things from your HVAC, electrical wiring, and lights are protected by your roof.

The Roof Provides Insulation

If your roof wasn’t there your house would be more like your car. Hot. Really hot. The air gap between your ceiling and your roof provides insulation for the home. A good roof lowers your energy bills. The insulation in your attic is one part. We also install radiant barriers that provide an additional air gap between your roof’s exterior and the attic space. We also take extreme care to install the correct number and size of attic vents that let hot air rise out of your attic space. If you have a leaky roof your energy bills will rise. If you ever notice wet insulation you need to contact us immediately.