Roof Design Services

We Offer a Large Range of Designer Shingles in Many Different Colors and Textures from Multiple Tier 1 Manufacturers. We also Offer a Large Range of Metal Roofing in a Wide Variety of Colors and even Textures.

Roof Design has many facets. If you are replacing your roof you will focus mostly on color selection and texture for asphalt roofing. You could also choose to switch to a metal roof or an engineered product like faux cedar shingles or faux terra cotta.

If your home has suffered significant damage where your roofing is partially or completely missing you're in a unique position to redesign your home by choosing a new roof line and shape.

At All About Roofs we're serious about the ability for your roofing choices to influence the curb appeal and value of your home.

We offer complete roofing design services from color and texture selection to complete redesigns.

There are many roof shapes that are considered to be standards. We'll go over them here.

Depending on your home, your roof can be up to 40% of your exterior surface area. That is a lot of surface! So your roof can have a major impact on the overall look and design of your home.

The slop of your roof has a dual purpose. The slope dertimines how fast or slow water from rain or snow run off of your roof. It also defines the aesthetic of your home.

Roofing contractors 6 or 12 such as 6/12. What this translates to is that the roof rises 6 inches vertically per foot horizontally.

When deciding the slope of your roof we recommend looking at your home in silhouette to envision what the roof design will look like.

Your homeowner's association or city building codes may govern some of your choices regarding roof slope. We'll help you make these decisions. Just tell us what your vision is and we'll get you there.


  • Gable

    Gable roofs are probably the one you drew as a kid. They are a triangle atop a house. The grade or slope of the roof can differ wildly from gentle to chalet style. Gables are the most common and popular style of roof. 

  • Dutch Gable

    If a Gable Roof and a Hip Style Roof had a baby it would be the Dutch Gable. They give you a much larger attic and you often see a window in the roof. 

  • Clipped Gable

    This is a modification on the gable where the top peak on one or both side is bent inwoards. This is an excellent roof type to show off your shingles. 

  • Hip

    This roofing style is very popular in warmer parts of the country. The roof is four sided with equal length slops all the way on each side. It is also a popular option for showing off your shingles. 

  • Gambrel

    The classic red barn roof with a 3 pointed top. This creates a large attic or second story. 

  • Mansard

    This French style roof is four-sided with equal grades but leads to a different grade at the top. This design creates a spacious attic or second story. 

  • Shed

    This is a contemporary roof design where there is just single slope that goes to a much higher wall on the other side. This style was extremely popular in the 1960's and 1970's. 

  • Flat

    This contemporary design is seen most commonly on modern homes and commercial builds. This roof types requires regular and continual maintenance. 

Shingle Textures and Colors

We offer a huge variety of roofing materials. We offer all lines and colors available in Wiregrass from GAF, Owens Corning, Tamko and more. We also offer a variety of metal roofing tiles that are designed to mimic the look and texture of other roofing types like cedar shakes and ceramic tile while overcoming the limitations of those products.

When choosing your roof color, be it asphalt or metal roofing, you may have a knee jerk reaction to go with gray or black and leave it there. However, we encourage you to explore the wide variety of colors available. Some lines actually have multiple colors on each shingle to give increased depth and vibrance.

Tips to Help You Get Ideas

Drive Around! Go to new and old neighborhoods and find colors that reflect your dream house and work well with your existing siding colors.

Consider Your Neighborhood. Do you want to blend in or do you want to stand out? That depends on your personality or your goals for your home.

Talk to your HOA. You want to make sure you're working within any limitations before you pick a color.