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Roof Replacement

Every Roof has a Lifespan. When Your Roof is Past its Prime You Can Count on the Experts at All About Roofs to Help You Pick the Perfect Roof Replacement for Your Home. We Carry a Wide Range of Options from the Best Names in the Industry like Owens Corning, GAF, and Tamko. A New Roof Can Save You Money by Picking an Energy Efficient Roofing Color. You Can also Increase Your Home's Curb Appeal with some of the New and Gorgeous Shingle Designs. 

Roof Inspections & Repair

When there is a Storm or Wind Event You Have a Short Window to Have Your Roof Inspected for Damage before the Damage Can Multiply Exponentially. Your Roof Protects Everything Underneath it from Your Belongings to the Structure of Your Home. People Often Don't Realize There is a Problem Until it is Too Late, and the Damage is Done. The Roofing Inspection is FREE so You Have Every Reason to Schedule Your Inspection. We'll Provide a Detailed Report with Pictures and Help You Negotiate with Your Insurance Company for any Needed Repairs or Possible Replacement of Your Roof. 

Metal Roofing

Metal Roofing Technology has Evolved by Leaps and Bounds in Recent Years. They are an Extremely Popular Option Now Because the New Installation Methods, Designs, Variety of Color Options, and Tremendous Durability Make Them a Smart Choice for Any Homeowner. Metal Roofs do not Shrink, Erode, Crack, and Have a Very Low Occurance of Leaks When Installed Correctly. Not All Roofers Know the Best Methods for Installing Metal Roofs but Rest Assured that Our Team is Up to Date on the Most Modern Installation Methods to Give You a Roof with a Tremendous Lifespan and an Excellent Warranty. 

Your Roof Matters The Key to Protecting Your Biggest Asset

We're Dedicated to Keeping the Roof Over Your Head in Fantastic Shape

Protection from the Elements

Your Roof Stands Between the Elements and Your Family. When it is in good shape it offers you protection from water and heat. It protects you from hail, rain, ice, branches, bugs, and snow. A roof in poor condition invites moisture which turns into rot and mold. The rot makes your home structurally unsound. The mold can sicken you and your family. Trust us. Black mold is not something you want to fool around with.

Energy Efficiency

Your Roof also provides energy efficiency. A professionally installed and insulated roof can dramatically reduce your energy consumption by keeping your attic cooler. The ventilation on your roof removes excess heat and the insulation prevents your home from heating up. This in turn makes your HVAC system work less.

Home Value

Curb appeal is everything. As an HGTV addict knows, if your roof is full of moss, algae, sags, or looks worn out it sends the signal that your home lacks maintenance and that there are lots of problems lurking inside. A gorgeous roof can provide value to yoru home and make even the most plain house seem luxurious.

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Roofing Materials Cost Evaluation

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Roofing Materials Compared

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Cost is not the only factor you should consider when choosing your roofing materials. The table below can help you see all the aspects of common roofing materials. Metal Vertical Seam ​Maintenance Inspections based on manufacturer recommendations Repairs are rare Fade Resistant with PVDF and SMP Paint Systems ​Visual Style Standing Seam Panels offer a distinctive …

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Why Where You Live Matters When Choosing a Roofing Material

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Living in the South guarantees you a couple of things. Hurricanes and Tornadoes are a part of life. So are violent storms – especially in the Spring and Summer.  How does this affect your roofing project?​ Where you live has a huge influence on your roof material choices and the roof’s potential lifespan.  In this article …

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Is it Time for a New Roof?

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